Russian Site and Offical Fan Club of Elvis Presley "How Great Thou Art"

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"Elvis is not dead, he just went home" Tommy Lee Jones.

Welcome to the Russian web-site and Offical Fan Club of Elvis Presley "How Great Thou Art"! This man, who became the idol of millions people all over the world, and the army of his fans grow up only. He made more, than somebody else for the modern music for all its history and his musical creation stay unsurepassed standard of rock-art for good. This site was found because of lack systematical information about king of rock-n-roll, scanty russian Elvis web-sites and an deficit of his music in Russia at the time of 2002 year. Good Luck in site-swimming!!!

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If you have come our web-site we recommend you visit Elvis' 1960 Graceland Interview. You can read it, see photos, see and hear it on video. Also we recommend you see photos and read words from move Elvis that`s the way it is. You can see some Elvis photos in our Gallery: On Stage in 50-years, On Stage in 60-years, On Stage in 70-years, In Life, In Moves, Documents, Animation photos. Also you can visit Elvis photos from Community, it is renovated regular by fans. In our fan-club you can visit The Drawings of Elvis fans, Photos of Elvis fans 1, Photos of Elvis fans 2, Photos of Elvis fans 3, Photos of Elvis fans 4 and Elvis figure, Photos of Elvis fans 5 - The Graceland voyage, Photos of Elvis fans 6 - The Collection of clothes, dedicated to Elvis, Hear the fanat version in mp3 of Can`t Help Falling in Love by Mr. New York City. And see photos of Elvis & David, Elvis Doll, Elvis Sculpture, Elvis Post-stamp and envelope, 11 Elvises of Worholl, Bush. You can know Something about Author and Coauthors and The Members of Fun-club "How Great Thou Art". And we have some Surveys of Elvis` Discs and Albums, Moves, Concerts on Video and also Surveys of Books and Moves about Elvis Presley.

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The figure of Elvis that was stayed in "Elvis cafe"

Russian site and official fan-club of Elvis Presley

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Web-Site was found at 17.02.2002 in St.-Petersburg, Russia.