What's in your soul?

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Your soul is broken, your heart can't feel and dream,
I can't help you, because you without me,
What's in your soul, you can't ask for me,
And your busy load, you must keep in your heart...

Your eyes and your tears itself in this wonderful day,
Your looks and your admirers,
Ask for you: what's in your soul today?
We can't know, my idol, my dreams...

You might be upset in the morning,
Your misfortune you must keep in you,
And there are are miserable tears,
You come in sight by chance for us...

Your soul left from us and forever,
You not come to me,and your appearance,
Somewhere for ever remains and you never,
Ask for more, what's in your soul,my love?

I want to see your happy face,
And read your secret thoughts,
What's in your soul, pretty daddy,
I think just for you, oh my God!

Стихи написаны Fever.

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